Lulu Carter’s design highlights the personal home

The famous interior designer Lulu Carter is finally launching her very own design collection in cooperation with Royal Design. This is a collection of home interior products that mix Lulu’s most noticeable inspirations and passions with her unique expression and style. For many people, Lulu symbolizes the warm, colourful and cosy home. Her first collection of cushion covers and trays underlines all of the above.

A colourful collection full of feathers and intentional culture clashes

Lulu’s collection highlights a series of expressive patterns and strong colours together with more graphic and moderate elements. Lulu find inspiration from ancient cultures, the nature and the American surf culture. Feathers, surfing boards and various ethnic symbols return in different combinations and colours. The collection evolves around these influences and showcase many unique Lulu carter interpretations.

“My products are a mesmerizing accent in a minimalistic apartment and a nice complement to a more maximalist home. I don’t believe there is any real conflict in mixing very different styles or patterns. The personal home is the beautiful home.”

— Lulu Carter

Selected products


Boarderline Kuddfodral Små Brädor, Svart



Marrakech Manic Bricka Ø49cm, Svart/ Vit



Paisley Paranoia Kuddfodral 30x50cm, Vit/ Svart


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Cushions made for both minimalistic and more cosy homes

Lulu Carter’s cushion covers are a colourful contrast in a minimalistic design home and contributes with even more cosiness to a warm family home. All cushions are hand-embroidered in India and made from 100 % cotton. You can wash the cushion covers in a regular washing machine.

Trays designed for any home and every occasion

Lulu Carter’s trays captures both very colourful and some black and white patterns. The trays are of high quality and manufactured by the Swedish brand Formpress. All trays can be washed in a regular dish washer.